Events & Campaigns

We hold events and campaigns to raise awareness and create change.

Walk My Walk: Safer Streets

In the UK, 97% of women aged 18-24 have been sexually harassed in public spaces (UN Women, 2021).

Our Walk My Walk campaign is part of the Safer Streets national project to end violence against women and girls.


As part of this work, we would like to hear from you about your experiences on the streets of Cornwall. You can have your voice heard and fill out our survey, open until September 2023.

Your responses will make the Home Office more aware about women and girls’ experiences of harassment and abuse on our streets.

If you would like support around any of your experiences, we are here for you.

Reclaim The Night

Reclaim The Night is an event which takes place every year across the UK during the winter.

When faced with the reality of violence against women and girls, society often chooses to look the other way and tries to force women into isolation, silence and shame.

Reclaim The Night is a chance to create connection and community to break isolation. We make noise because we will not be silenced. We stand proud and shake off the shame that is not ours to carry.  

Our next Reclaim The Night event will be on Friday 1st December 2023 at the Killacourt, Newquay.
Watch this space for more information!

Find out more about Reclaim The Night and how we campaign for change.

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