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“The Women’s Centre Cornwall is such an important place, it has been an absolute lifeline for me, like a precious jewel that I found, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”

The Women’s Centre Cornwall is a charity with over 27 years’ experience supporting women and girls living with the impact of sexual and domestic abuse.  

Our Centre is based in Bodmin and we provide empowering support to women and girls across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and HMP Eastwood Park through our wide range of projects and services.  

We have developed specialist support for particularly vulnerable women such as those with learning disabilities or neurodiversity, women who have migrated to Cornwall, and those who have experienced multiple, repeated abuse and exploitation.

Knowing that the vast majority of women in prison have been abused, and are usually themselves survivors of crimes far worse than those they have committed, we also support women in prison and in the community after release.

Our services are needed now more than ever.

Last year 5,900 women in Cornwall were raped or sexually assaulted, and over 14,700 were subjected to domestic abuse. Around 12,000 women in Cornwall have endured extensive and repeated abuse, and many of those experience homelessness, addictions, poverty and emotional distress including suicidal feelings.

Trauma can have a life-long impact, especially without access to specialist support.

Women supporting women.

The Women’s Centre Cornwall is very proud to consistently receive very positive feedback from the women and girls who use our services. 9 in 10 women tell us they have improved health and wellbeing, and almost as many say they can see a better future ahead.

We believe this is a result of our dedication to running a women only service, which the vast majority of women say they value highly, and to being thoroughly trauma informed and working with women at their pace to restore their power. It is these women’s courage that drives us to continue.

How you can make a difference

We are looking for Friends to join our wonderful Women’s Centre Cornwall community…to learn more about abuse and healing with us, tell other people you know about our work and talk to local decision makers about what we do matters.  
We are launching our Friends Scheme on 2nd October 2023 to help raise funds to provide this vital support to women and girls, and work towards a world in which our services are no longer needed. It is especially helpful for us to raise ‘unrestricted funds’ that we can direct to where they are most needed.

Email if you would like to be added to our mailing list about Becoming A Friend before October 2023.

Watch this space for more updates!

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