Pet fostering

Specifically for individuals experiencing domestic violence


 Refuge For Pets 

Helping people and animals escape domestic violence and abuse…

Animals are often the silent victims of domestic violence and abuse, used as part of the pattern of coercion and control. Along with their families, animals are also often threatened, yelled at, beaten, kicked and, in some cases, killed.

Refuge4Pets provides a pet fostering service across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to victims/survivors of domestic violence and abuse so that they can leave with their much-loved pets. Often individuals and families escaping violent and abusive relationships are unable to take their animals with them, as the refuge or temporary accommodation does not allow pets. In many cases, this will stop people from leaving.

With domestic violence and abuse being one of the most significant public health concerns that we experience in the UK, combined with the fact that over half of all households have pets, our pet fostering service is a vital.

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General pet fostering

Animal Samaritans

Foster carers are available to provide temporary care until a suitable, permanent home can be found. (south-east London and north-west Kent)



The Cinnamon Trust

The Cinnamon Trust provides short term care for animals belonging to elderly pet owners who are going into hospital or moving to residential accommodation where they are unable to take their pets. The Trust also provides long term care for pets whose owners have died and for terminally ill pet owners.

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