Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline

Who is this for? The Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline offers free, friendly and confidential support for all women and girls who have experienced or are experiencing any form of domestic violence or abuse.  

How often does it run / when is it available?  The Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline currently runs on Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 10pm and on Thursday mornings from 10am to 1pm.  When the lines are not live, we have a 24-hour answer-phone service: here you can leave a safe number on which we can call you back.  During the working week, we commit to responding to your message within 24 hours.

Tell me more: Our specially-trained, female, Volunteer Support Workers will provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share the issues that are concerning you, appreciating the great courage it has taken for you to call.  

Whether the violence or abuse has just happened, is ongoing or in the near or distant past, our Volunteer Support Workers will listen carefully to you and believe you.  They may offer information and advice that may help you, should you need it.  They may also help you explore what options are open to you, rather than encourage particular actions: our aim is to empower you to make your own choices.

We offer a woman-centered empowerment model of support, which enables you to restore your sense of personal power.

We do this by:

  • Creating a culture of belief.
  • Ensuring women feel in control of the support they seek.
  • Providing information, advice and exploring options, rather than encouraging particular actions.
  • Recognising both the harm of victimisation and the resources needed to survive it.
  • Encouraging women to locate blame where it belongs, with the perpetrator.
  • Validating what women do to survive and their coping strategies.

Should you wish to pursue face-to-face support, this can be arranged through the Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline.

How do I find out more?  Click here to find out what to expect when you use the Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline.

Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline

01208 79992

Monday evenings : 7.30pm to 10pm

Thursday mornings: 10am to 1pm 

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