Pattern Changing Programme

Who is this for? The Pattern Changing Programme is an educational, group-work programme for women survivors of domestic violence or abuse or those who have been in abusive relationships.

Where is it available? The Pattern Changing Programme is run in various locations throughout Mid, East and North Cornwall. 

How often does it run / when is it available? Pattern Changing runs 3 times per year.  It is a 14-week programme, each weekly session lasting 2½ hours.  There is a follow-on ‘catch-up’ session 4-6 weeks after the programme has ended.  The sessions are normally only delivered during term time to make attendance easier for women with school-aged children.

Tell me more: The Pattern Changing Programme was originally developed in America by Goodman & Fallon and has been adapted by The Women’sCentre Cornwall to include more practical exercises and group work. The course focuses on YOU and your own power to change the course of your life. 

Its goals are to help you understand the different types of abuse and the impact abuse has had on your life and your family members' lives; break the cycle of abuse that may lead you to return to an abusive partner or enter into another abusive relationship; develop awareness of negative patterns of thinking, behaving and relating and develop new, healthier ones and set and maintain boundaries.

The course will help you:

  • improve your self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem;
  • build your confidence;
  • develop your assertiveness skills;
  • feel safer and more secure;
  • develop a more positive outlook for the future and move forward with your life;
  • break your isolation;
  • help with parenting. 

How do I find out more?

The Women's Centre Cornwall currently only accepts referrals for the Pattern Changing Programme through Volunteer Support Workers who have supported women on a face-to-face basis: however, women waiting for face-to-face support in our area are sometimes also offered a place.  To enquire about face-to-face support and the Pattern Changing Programme, contact our our Domestic Abuse Helpline on 01208 79992.

Women interested in attending the Pattern Changing Programme will be met by the lead facilitator to discuss individual needs and establish readiness to engage in group work.

Areas covered by the course: 

Your Bill of Rights


 Why it is so hard to leave an abusive relationship

 Boundary setting; ending old patterns

 Understanding and dealing with feelings such as grief, guilt, shame, self-blame and anger

 Assertiveness skills training

 Planning futures goals and decision-making

 How to form healthy relationships

 Celebrating individual achievements and recognizing personal qualities

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