Open Partner Link Work

Who is this for? Open Partner Link Work delivers non-judgemental and responsive support throughout Cornwall, Devon and Dorset to women whose partners/ex-partners are subject to the Building Better Relationships (BBR) programme delivered by Dorset Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company.

Where is it available? Open Partner Link Work is delivered on a one-to-one basis by one of our Independent Women’s Practitioners (IWPs) following referral by the BBR participant’s Probation Officer. We can provide the service at a safe venue in the community that is convenient to the woman or by telephone if preferred.

How often does it run/when is it available? Once the referral has been made, the Open Service reaches out to the women either via letter or over the phone to invite them to engage with our support services. Women are offered a minimum of 4 contacts with their IWP. It is not mandatory for the woman to work with the IWP and if a woman declines the service we will respectfully not contact her again. 

Why might this help? We aim to empower women by providing support and information including risk assessment and safety planning, information about the BBR programme and the man’s attendance. The service can support women to increase their understanding of domestic abuse as well as with referrals for longer term support.

How do I find out more? Click here to find out more about Partner Link Work. 


Gaining access to Open Partner Link Work

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