Open Volunteer Mentor Training 

Who is this for?  This is a training programme for those wishing to become Open Volunteer Mentors on the Open Mentoring Programme.  The Open Mentoring Programme supports women who have offended or are at risk of offending. Open Volunteer Mentors come from all walks of life.  Some may have offended in the past themselves, been at risk of offending or have had life experiences which have drawn them to this work.

What is it?  This 12-week, gender-specific training is mandatory for all Open Volunteer Mentors. 

Where is it available? In Plymouth and Cornwall.

How often does it run / when is it available? The course runs twice a year, once in Plymouth and once in Cornwall.

Tell me more: The course is accredited and mentors will earn a Level 2 Award in Mentoring through the awarding body, OCN.

Details: To date, 3 courses have been run with 100% pass rate.

Why might this help me?

The training programme prepares Open Volunteer Mentors to work with the complex issues many women who have offended face.

There is a recognition in our organisation that many factors play a part in offending behaviour so Open Volunteer Mentors are trained to inspire the women they support to explore these and make positive change in many areas including accommodation; health; finances; benefits & debt; domestic and sexual violence; drugs and alcohol usage; children, families and relationships; education, training and employment; attitudes, thinking and behaviour and, finally, prostitution.

How do I find out more? If you are interested in becoming an Open Volunteer Mentor, you can contact the coordinator Penni on 07958 611 948 or email;

What have other people said about this?

“I have totally enjoyed the course even when I have found it quite difficult at times. I have enjoyed the learning process and it has made me more confident in moving forwards, I look forward to the mentoring side where I think it will be very rewarding by helping others. I have been inspired to believe in myself and I look forward to hopefully inspiring others."

"I have found the course an absolute joy to attend and be a part of; I feel lucky to have been picked and although my self-worth needs work on it is better than it was and that is largely down to this course. I have achieved something and that can't be taken off me by anyone."

"I have loved every minute if this course. It has been extremely informative and interesting. It's been fabulous working with such amazing, interesting and inspirational women and a pure joy to watch people blossom and gain confidence. This course has also helped me focus my brain again in an academic manner and get motivated. You have created a lovely learning environment and have been firm but nurturing. Perfect!"

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