Open Mentoring

Who is this for? Open Mentoring is a programme which offers support to women who have offended or are at risk of offending.  The aim of this programme is to reduce offending or reoffending risk.

Where is it available? Available in Cornwall and Plymouth, support is initially for a period of 6 months with extensions possible after a review.

Tell me more: The relationship between mentor and mentee is unique: it offers the opportunity for long-term support provided by a consistent and trusted woman. Mentors are often ex-offenders themselves and so have special insight into the complexities surrounding offending behaviour.  As such they are empathetic to a woman’s situation and non-judgemental. 

Details: Our service is voluntary, women-led and confidential.

Recent evaluation of the Mentoring Project has seen significant positive impacts in the lives of women we have supported;

•      95% have not reoffended

•      95% feel less isolated and marginalised

•      90% understand and have addressed negative coping strategies

•      95% feel more confident

•      90% have taken control of their lives

•      95% have improved health, mental and emotional well-being

•      95% have developed future goals and plans

•      90% have improved relationships, parenting skills, educational and employment opportunities

•      95% have become empowered to make appropriate healthy/life enhancing choices/changes

How often does it run & when is it available? Mentoring support is available throughout the year, initially for a period of 6 months with a review after this length of time.

Why might mentoring help me?

Mentors are there to listen, advocate & support

Support is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.  There is a recognition in our organisation that many factors play a part in offending behaviour so through the support of mentors, mentees are inspired to explore these and make positive changes in many areas of life.  This can include accommodation; health; finances; benefits & debt; domestic and sexual violence; drugs and alcohol usage; children, families and relationships; education, training and employment; attitudes, thinking and behaviour and, finally, prostitution.

How do I find out more?

Women can self-refer or ask a support worker to do so on their behalf.

To make a referral please contact Penni: call or text her on 07958 611 948 or email  

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor please get in touch with Penni or visit Open Volunteer Mentor Training to find out more.or e-mail 

What do people say about Open Mentoring?


“The mentor I was matched with was an excellent choice; I don't think I would have

seen such an improvement without her."


"Having a mentor really helped to turn my life around, the support from my mentor

meant that I was able to start doing things for myself and gave me a lot more confidence.”


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