Open Community Justice Work


Offering support to women throughout Cornwall, Devon & Dorset, following a criminal conviction.

Who is this for? Open Community Justice Work is commissioned by ... to deliver non-judgemental and responsive support throughout Cornwall, Devon and Dorset to women who are being supervised in the community by Dorset Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company (DDC CRC), following a conviction. 

Where is it available? Open Community Justice Work is delivered across the whole of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, on a one-to-one basis by one of our Independent Women’s Practitioners (IWPs) following referral by the woman’s Probation Officer. Once the referral has been made, it is mandatory for the woman to work with the IWP and sessions take place at a mutually agreed venue, with the initial appointment usually taking place at a Probation office.

Tell me more: The Open team have been trained to understand the needs of women who have offended; to provide compassionate and empowering support and to work with women to address the causes of their offending. Open are specialist in domestic abuse and work to a trauma-informed model. Open Community Justice Work is under contract to deliver this service until 2020.

We have staff working in the community with women throughout the week in all three counties, with particular expertise in delivering support to women who live in remote rural locations as well as in prominent urban areas in order to best meet women’s needs. Support workers can support her with a range of issues including the following pathways:

  • Accommodation

  • Finance, Benefit & Debt

  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence

  • Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour

  • Family, Children & Relationships

  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Prostitution

  • Health 

  • Education, Training & Employment

The work is tailored to meet individual needs; it can be practical or more structured support to meet emotional or behavioural requirements. Following each meeting the IWPs report brief details of the appointment and any areas of risk to the Probation Officer, and at the end of support a report is sent to them detailing what has been achieved.

The support is designed to help women following a community sentence. It is non-judgemental and led by need; tackling issues together and although we are required to report back to the Probation Officers, we are independent of Probation/Community Rehabilitation Company. As a Women’s Centre we understand the specific needs and issues faced by women and often know how difficult it can be for women following a conviction. We are empathetic to the complexity and range of issues faced such as the fact that women who have convictions are often also the victims of offences such as domestic abuse and/or sexual violence.

How do I find out more? Click here to read more about women in the criminal justice system. 

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