Trauma and Women in Criminal Justice - Open Project Event

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Trauma and Women in Criminal Justice - Open Project Event

Trauma & Women in Criminal Justice
Experience of a holistic women-centred approach

We hosted an online event on Wednesday 13th January 2021 to share lessons and experience of our holistic women-centred support to women in the criminal justice system across Dorset, Devon & Cornwall.

Thank you to all who attended the event, it’s wonderful to see so much interest from police, probation, housing and NHS and from as far afield as London and Lancashire. 


The event focused on:

 Lessons and experience from trauma-responsive practice across Dorset, Devon & Cornwall.

  • Multiple speakers sharing perspectives on holistic approaches to supporting women in the criminal justice system.

  • Women’s voices and experiences.

  • How trauma-responsive support fits into wider social & cultural contexts and discussions around mental health.  

We all need to work together to transform agencies responses so that women are asked ‘what happened to you?’ rather that ‘what is wrong with you’, and given genuine safe space fror skilled women, staff and volunteers to share their stories and move towards healing.

More details, resources and the recording from the event are made available by contacting 

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