The Women’s Centre Cornwall secures probation contracts to continue deliver support to women in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Friday 21st May 2021

The Women’s Centre Cornwall secures probation contracts to continue deliver support to women in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.


 21st May 2021  

The Women’s Centre Cornwall wins probation contracts.

The Women’s Centre Cornwall is delighted to announce it has secured probation contracts to continue to deliver support to women in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

This will allow it to continue, and build on its very successful Open Service, which it has run since 2012. The Open Service has achieved a 6% re-offending rate during service engagement compared with a 17.5% for women across the region, and 23% nationally[1]. The Open Service also achieved significant improvements on a range of measures, including moving beyond the negative consequences of abuse and substance misuse  - 79% and 83% making ‘significant progress’ respectively. [2]


The new funding will also enable The Women’s Centre Cornwall to employ a new Prison Link Worker in HMP Eastwood Park to support women returning to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, jointly funded by Nelson Trust. We are looking forward to working from Trevi: Sunflower Women’s Centre and Resilient Women at Colab to support women in Devon.


The Women’s Centre Cornwall is excited at this opportunity to further develop these services to the benefit of these very vulnerable women, their families, and their communities.

“I am delighted that we will be able continue our valuable work, using our expertise to support women with their trauma and help them to start their journey towards living positive, constructive lives”

Jackie May, CEO, The Women’s Centre Cornwall  

The Women’s Centre Cornwall has been running its award-winning women’s centred service by and for women since 1996. It does this by providing a range of effective, holistic, innovative, gender-specific trauma-informed specialist support services for women and girls in a safe, caring and supportive environment.  It supports over 1,000 women and girls a year through specialist support, advocacy, groupwork and community engagement.


The Women’s Centre Cornwall is one of 11 specialist women’s providers which have secured contracts. However, the tendering process was extremely resource intense. As a result, some small women’s organisations with expertise and experience in working with this vulnerable cohort were unable to compete. This is disappointing. As a result, women will no longer be able to access this proven model of high-quality, woman-centred, women-only services in some areas.


It is also disappointing that the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is building 500 more prison places for women at a cost of £150bn. Women are being sent to prison for minor offences, who are not a risk to the public. 62%[3] of women are in prison for less than 6 months – enough time to lose their jobs, homes and children, but not enough to provide meaningful support to help them to turn their lives around. This money would be more effective if it was invested in cheaper and more effective preventative services, rather than damaging and expensive prison places.


For further information please contact Isabel Livingstone 07435 752499


[1] 2017 MOJ re-offending data for women in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. MoJ Statistics on Women in the Criminal Justice System 2017.

[2] The Women's Centre Cornwall Open Service Evaluation

[3] Prison Reform Trust Bromley Briefings Factfile 2021

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