Launch of The Women's Centre Cornwall Virtual Women's Centre

Monday 8th March 2021

Launch of The Women's Centre Cornwall Virtual Women's Centre

Women & Girls Can: The Women’s Centre Cornwall Virtual Women’s Centre

Our Virtual, Facebook Women’s Centre will be a space for women and girls to connect, share ideas, begin discussion, share information…

Building on what we offer in the women’s centre, and very much an extension of our core beliefs, Women and Girls Can, hopes to provide a space in which women can help create their own online community, serving their needs and driven by what they want to see and be part of.

Launching alongside the Forum, it hopes to provide a broad and organic space for women to connect on a range of issues women want to talk about…for instance now in lockdown, it maybe just to reach out and know they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings, that other women experiencing the same, will listen and respond to their voices.

As well as the rise in domestic violence, we know women are also experiencing loneliness, fear and anxieties around relationships under the strain and stresses of having to shape shift into ever changing realities, questions around what choices do we have? What are other women doing to address certain difficulties? How do we go move forward? Where are women finding their joy and happiness?  ….are an example of what women and girls may want to speak about, whilst helping empower each other experiencing similar life challenges!

Doing what we can, by giving more space to voice our thoughts, we can only answer to what women want… and by creating more spaces we continue to build strength and resilience in difficult times!

Social distancing doesn’t mean we’re socially distant!