Having difficulty reading our website?

There's no need to struggle anymore.  We've made it a lot easier for you by introducing Browsealoud technology.

When you click on the Browsealoud icon a menu bar of options will become available to help you.  There are tools which can read text out loud, translate text into up to 78 different languages and help you read more clearly.  It can read all types of content including tables, downloadable documents like pdfs, even pictures.

How do I use Browsealoud?  Browsealoud is simple to use.  Click on the Browsealoud icon that appears at the top of every page to get help.  Doing this will make the Browsealoud toolbar (opposite) appear.  This is a floating toolbar which you can position anywhere on the page by clicking on to the crossed arrows icon.  With this toolbar available, you can select which tool you want.


Browsealoud Toolbar Guide

Hover and play   You can hear the website content read out loud by clicking this button.  To start, simply hold your mouse pointer over the text you want to hear.  To stop the speaking, click this button again. To hear specific text out loud, highlight the passage you wish to hear and press the play button. Press again to stop.


Translate     If English isn't your first language click this button to translate web pages into a choice of 78 languages. Browsealoud will also speak the translated text where there's a matching voice available.


MP3    You can convert text to an MP3 file. This means you can save and listen to it at a later time, at home or on the move.  Simply select the text you wish to convert and click on the MP3 button. You will be prompted to give the audio file a name. When you’re done, click “generate”. You can now transfer your file to an MP3 player, smart phone or computer.

Screen Mask    Find it hard to concentrate? Block distractions on your screen with the screen mask button.  A semi opaque mask will cover your screen leaving a letterbox reading window clear, to help you focus on the section you’re most interested in and ignore the unnecessary clutter.

Magnify Text    If you’re visually impaired or want to make it easy to see even the smallest text, having this tool will magnify sentences as they’re read aloud, at the top of the screen.

Simplifier    This button removes clutter from your screen, cutting out unimportant text, so you see webpages in a more user-friendly layout. You can choose the contrast of the page in this view.

Personalise   You can personalise the tools to suit your own needs.  The settings button allows you to control the voice, pitch and speed.  You can also alter the highlighting colours and magnified text size.


Still need help with Browsealoud?  If you're struggling to use Browsealoud,  visit www.browsealoud.com/support, email support@browsealoud.com or call them on 0800 328 7910.

IMPORTANT:  Browsealoud is a software provider and not a part of the WRSAC organisation.  Your contact with Browsealoud would therefore not be confidential or anonymous.

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