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If you have experienced sexual or domestic violence or abuse, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting.  A traumatic event or exposure to long-term abuse can impact on your capability to lead a normal life - both emotionally and socially.  

You may be physically hurt, suffering emotional difficulties and feeling overwhelmed.  You may not know who to turn to for support.  You may want to report the crime against you but not know where to start.  

In these situations, it's important that you are able to reach out for help, to someone you can trust.  The Women's Centre Cornwall has specially trained Support Workers who can give you social and emotional support and help you to resolve some of the difficulties you are experiencing.  

Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline Women's Sexual & Domestic Abuse Survivor Forum Women's Domestic Abuse Helpline


However, learning more about sexual or domestic violence or abuse; its effects and understanding some of the practical steps you can take and what your options are, can help ground you at this difficult time.


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