The difference we make 

We have a proud heritage of supporting women and girls.  In the year 2016/17 we made a record number of contacts with women with over x000 a year, using our helplines, face-to-face support services, group work programmes and complimentary healing therapies.

With our relaunch as The Women’s Centre Cornwall, our aim is to extend our reach yet further and make a positive impact on even more women and girls’ lives, particularly through our Community Engagement Project.

We know our support philosophy works.  We don’t just look at issues such as abuse in isolation but recognize many factors play a part in the wellbeing women and girls experience.  With this in mind, we work as holistically as possible and consider aspects ranging from emotional difficulties and relationships to health, housing and benefits to support the women and girls who use our service.

We are committed to ensuring our work is effective and achieves meaningful outcomes, using a range of measures to evaluate this.

We also share best practice with other organisations, at a local and national level, in order that many more women and girls across the country can benefit from excellent support services.

In 2012, out of 450 national charities, The Women's Centre Cornwall was named Overall Winners of the King's Fund IMPACT Award for our Innovation Management Partnership Achievement, Community Focus and Targeting need and described as "an exemplary organisation providing life-changing services in imaginative ways".

Perhaps it is the words of the women and girls who use our service that are most telling of the difference we make:


“It is a life saving, life changing service”


“I am eternally grateful for the support that The Women's Centre Cornwall has given me … My face-to-face counsellor was so easy to talk to, understanding, sympathetic and helpful.  I have grown to understand my situation and choices. I am more aware of myself.  I cannot express how good a service that The Women's Centre Cornwall is providing…”


“Such a valuable asset to women of all ages and stages in life.”


“Just one hour a week was enough to keep my life stable”


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