The Women's Centre Cornwall believes in taking action to change attitudes and improve services for women and girls, particularly those who have experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse. 

We believe that violence against women and girls is an equality issue.  

We lobby and campaign at both a local and national level to end violence against women, stand up for equality and champion the issues that the women and girls we work with care about.

Our chief executive is a board member of the End Violence Against Women (EVAW) Coalition, a UK-wide coalition of people and organisations lobbying government and trying to change the debate on violence against women and girls.

Locally, The Women's Centre Cornwall belongs to numerous partnerships and boards seeking to make Cornwall a safer place.  We also run our own campaigns.

Here are just a few examples of the events we both organise and participate in.  

Join with us as we try to make a difference for women and girls in our communities.



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